Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Preliminary workshop program

Monday 29.11.2010, UCPori, Ateljee 11.00-16.00
Knowledge, knowledge charing, communities of practice, crowdcoursing, information visualisation (Marjo Mäenpää)
lecture and group assignments. Students will be given articles to read and present in teams - presentations are on Thursday

Tuesday 30.11.2010 UCPori, Ateljee 9-15 (Heli Aramo-Imonen)
Lecture 9-11: Theoretical basis of knowledge management; KM, SECI, Knowledge Sharing, outsourcing, insourcing.
Workshop 12-15: Learning by doing
See video from the learning circle

Wednesday 1.12.2010 UCPori, Ateljee 10-15 (Marjo Mäenpää, Tarja Toikka)
10-12 Knowledge management -projects and practices, cases
Team work

Thursday 2.12.2010 UCPori, Ateljee 10-15
Presentation of students teams:
The Production, mediation and use of Knowledge in Different Sectors (2000) in Knowledge Management in the Learning Society, OECD
Roger Martin, (2009) chapter 1: The Knowledge Funnel. In The Design of Business,
Harward University Press.
Etienne Wenger, (1998) Coda I: Knowign in Practice in Communities of Practice, Cambridge University Press.
Peter Senge and the learning organizations (2010) in
Infed http://www.infed.org/thinkers/senge.htm

12.15-13.00 LUNCH BREAK

Eilean Hooper-Greenhill, (1994) Communication in theory and practice. In
The Educational Role of the Museum ed. by Eilean Hooper-Greenhil. Routhledge
Michaly Csikszentmihaly and Kim Hermanson (1994), Intrinsic Innovation in
Museums: why does one want to learn. In The Educational Role of the Museum
ed. by Eilean Hooper-Greenhil. Routhledge
Kirsikka Vaajakallio, Kati Vehmas, (2008) Modes of Knowledge in Design Research,
in Design Connecions, UAIH Working Papers, ed. Turkka Keinonen

Lectures, group assignments, discussion and collaborative knowledge building.
Literature and material – specified later by the teacher
Assessment criteria: presence at the lectures min 80%, active participation and a tasks presented with the help of criteria given at the course